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Jim Miller Golf is your own personal "Pro Shop". We offer a wide selection of Golf Equipment and everything related to Golf, from Gifts to Training Aids . You can get tips on how to get rid of that slice, or be amused at our golf jokes. Our committment is to offer quality products and provide useful information to promote this wonderful game of Golf.

We are a family-owned and operated business with over thirty years of experience in the Golf Industry. Jim Miller, a Lifetime PGA Professional, has given lessons and played with every level of golfer out there. Through "Hands On" experience, we have determined which Golf Products will truely be helpful to the Average Golfer, or even the not so "Average". We search for the Best and Latest Equipment, Training Aids, Golf Bags, Apparel, Books, Gifts and much more, on the market today.

Come in and browse through Jim Miller Golf. If you have any special requests, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Featured Products

Callaway X-18R Iron Set - $ 399.95
Callaway X-18R Iron Set X Series Irons are a favorite on tour and with recreational golfers looking for the perfect combination of performance and forgiveness. The X-18R Irons blend technology and innovation in a performance iron. With traditional styling and Callaway Golf core technologies, these irons deliver the opportunity to hit all the shots you need, with forgiveness built right in. Extreme Notch Weighting Redistributes more weight to the heel and toe of the iron to create a higher MOI for greater forgiveness, more stability and reduced distance loss on off-center hits. Undercut Channel Perimeter weighting moves the center of gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead, enlarging the hitting area and stabilizing the clubhead for more forgiveness. Traditional Size and Shape Advanced perimeter weighting allowed Callaway Golf engineers to create a smaller iron with increased playability and forgiveness. A thinner topline, square toe and optimized sole width combine to add workability while enhancing confidence at address. Features: Callaway X-18R Iron Set Traditional head shape with a high-polished finish. Undercut Channel maximizes perimeter weighting and improves forgiveness. Extreme Notch Weighting moves more weight to the heel and toe for increased stability.
Club Glove Mini Rolling Duffle II - $ 169.95
Club Glove Mini Rolling Duffle The new Mini Rolling Duffle 2 has been reconfigured slightly to a size that is accepted by nearly every airline. A great all-purpose piece of luggage built with a lifetime of use in mind. It features YKK
Swing Image Mirror - $ 149.95
Swing Image Mirror Reach your full potential by developing a consistent swing and improving your ball striking ability using the lightweight, portable, 30" diameter, Plexiglas mirror. Evaluate the elements of your swing like hand placement, foot and leg action, club position, length of swing, and shoulder turn, to name a few. Swing Vision Mirror is a great addition to video instruction because it allows you to rehearse and mimic great swings in the video. Horizontal and vertical reference lines indicate the proper setup position of your hands, head, feet and shoulders. Swing Vision Mirror not only improves your full swing, it's great for putting and chipping skills as well. For right or left handed players.
Laser Putting System - $ 49.95
Laser Putting Alignment System A lightweight (Class 3) laser housed in a durable ABS plastic case that attaches to a player's putter face with adhesive tabs. The laser is activated by button pressed when the player grips the putter. The Laser Putting Alignment System is factory calibrated. Because it is physically mounted to the putter face you can be assured that the laser is pointing exactly where the putter is aimed. The thumb trigger is positioned so the player does not have to change his/her grip pressure to activate the laser so the face doesn't rotate with pressed. The shape of the laser unit does not interfere with the optics between the putter and the ball. A "squared" putter faces looks different when a golf ball is present than when one is not. The using the Laser Putting Alignment System simulates having a ball present, even when one is not. In addition, the wings of the laser unit (where the laser mounts to the putter face) act as guides to ensure center of percussion contact with the ball. If you want to make sure you are square from 3? or 30?, there is not a simpler, better-designed laser alignment device on the market. Golf Wagers, Sports Betting, and Casino Games.
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